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                                       HALL RENTAL RULES

    a. All trash must be taken to dumpster.
    b. Floors must be swept and mopped.
    c. All tables, chairs and counter tops must be cleaned.
    d. Refrigerator must  have all food removed and cleaned.
    e. Microwave ovens must be cleaned.
    f. Bathrooms must be cleaned, floors must be swept and mopped.
    g. Hall grounds must cleaned of all bottles and trash.
    h. Upon final departure ensure all lights or off and fob is left on                 counter if given one.

2. In the event anything that is removed or tampered with will cause      forfeiture of deposit.
3. Renters must be considerate to our neighbors.

        {No loud music outside after 11 Pm. Guest will not conduct party outside after 11 Pm.}

4. Event must end by 12pm. (Township Ordinance).

5. Facility must be cleaned by 2 Am. and vacated and doors locked.

6. If in the event renter request  date  change it must be in writing          and date must be open. 


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